Creative Reflexions

Advision ElDjazair’s idea for the SEER “« Electricity and Renewables Exhibition », is to organize a 4 days commercial event dedicated for professionals and the large public, and simultaneously bringing together, in its theme of exhibiting products and services, two interrelated energy fields, namely electricity and renewable energies.

The fair is opened for professionals (Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Installers, Testing and Certifications’ Organisms, Researches Centers, Insurance…), operating in both domains. Also, the large public, in order to get them discover the last development in the Home electrical equipment, which may allow the optimization of electricity management and consumption in households, and precisely allow them to know more about the renewables and consider their benefits.


On a surface of 3200m2, more than 150 exhibitors from different activities and countries are expected in SEER.

Below is the division of the different surfaces into modules. Every exhibitor can select several adjoining modules, to design his exhibition’s stand. The choice of modules can be mentioned on the registration form.

The attribution of one or more modules is done in chronological order according to the participation’s confirmation by the exhibitors.