SEER is the first International Commercial Event in Algeria, dedicated simultaneously to industries and electricity and the renewable energies.

Through a wide range of exhibited products and solutions, the fair brings together different operators ((Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Installers, Testing and Certifications’ Organisms, Researches Centers, Insurance…), operating the domain of Electricity and renewable energies.

The event is oriented on electricity in general also gives utmost importance to renewable energies that are topical and occupy the attention these last years, considering the important stakes for the protection of the environment and the preservation of the planet.

During the exhibition, the choice is available and opened to exhibit all types of products and solutions in the following branches of electricity sector.

  • Production of Electric Energy
  • Transport and Distribution Network
  • Control and automation
  • Energy Storage
  • Lighting (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Special Products such as ATEX certified types.
  • Renewable energies (Solar and Wind)
  • Tools and security material
  • Test and Measure
  • Domestic Electricity and home automation