The Algerian market

Algerian Market in Numbers

Algeria is a country of 2 million km2 surface, with a population around 40 million inhabitants.

Key Numbers in 2016

Electricity production of the country has reached 66.3 TWh, with an evolution of 2.4% compared to 2015.

Electricity Network Length:

Transport: 27 826 Km – Distribution: 111 365 km
Number of subscribers: 4 915 626
An investment of nearly $ 3 Billion

Electricity Sector Development Plan 2015-2016:

To realize a production infrastructure, of an additional capacity of 27800 MW, representing a raising investment of nearly $ 15 Billion.
Realize an extension of length of 34 370 km length, of the transport network to reach a total length of 59 552 km. Cost of investment, $ 13 Billion.
To realize 219 127 km of distribution network, in addition to the existing. Investment cost $ 8 Billion

Renewables program

In order to protect the fossil resources at its disposal, Algeria has turned its interest toward the renewable energies these last years. Considering the important potential that it possesses in this sector.
In order to exploit this potential, a national program from 2015 to 2030 is planned, with the objective of setting up renewable energy infrastructures to produce 27% of electricity destined for national consumption.
By 2030 it is planned to produce 22 GW, distributed on 13.5 GW solar photovoltaic, 5 GW in Wind and the rest from other sources (Solar thermal, biomass, cogeneration and geothermal). To begin this ambitious program, a first project has already been launched for the production of 4000 MW.