The Fair

The SEER is the 1st international Commercial event in Algeria dedicated simultaneously to Electricity and Renewable energies Industries.

Through a wide range of exposed products and solutions, the fair brings together different operators (Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Design Offices, Electricity Suppliers, Installers …) in the field of electricity and renewable energies.

The event is oriented on electricity in general also gives utmost importance to renewable energies that are topical and occupy the attention these last years, considering the important stakes for the protection of the environment and the preservation of the planet.



The SEER on a surface of 3200m2, offers a space of interaction and exchange about several products and services between exhibitors from different countries in the domain of Electricity and renewable energies.


Thematic conferences will be organized throughout the fair in order to enrich the exchange and the know-how between exhibitors and professionals in the sector.


Companies can expect to find new customers, strengthen their relationships with existing customers and develop their business in the country.