Why Exhibit?

The SEER will take place in Algeria, which is a rapidly expanding market, through several major structuring projects. This gives exhibitors great opportunities to introduce their products either in equipment or services.

The event will bring together various profiles of exhibitors from different countries. This diversity will allow an interaction that will encourage the creation of business opportunities and extend the current geographical area of activity and expand the client portfolio of the exhibiting companies.

In the other hand; in view of the large number of professional visitors expected at the fair; who are also representatives of companies; this is going to create a favorable climate to establish initial Customers-Supplier inks; which are expected to be developed after the fair to future cooperation leading to win-win projects.
As far as professionals are concerned, the general public is strongly invited to visit the show, or products intended for domestic use will be presented, such as home automation systems and solar photovoltaic systems, which will draw attention to their use to reduce Costs of household electricity bills.